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Vocab and other things to know for freshman year honors physical science... electricity and magnetism

magnetic fields

a force field that fills the space around every magnet or current-carrying wire... another magnet or current-carrying wire that enters will experience a magnetic field

magnetic domains

a microscopic cluster of atoms with their magnetic fields aligned

christian oersted

discovered that moving charges in an electric current produces a magnetic field in a circular pattern

oersted's discovery

more current=more magnetic field

right thumb rule

direction of current determines the direction of the magnetic field


TEMPORARY magnet with a field produced by an electric current; usually in the form of a wire coiled around a piece of iron

property of electromagnets

increase current, you increase magnetic field

property of electromagnets

add more turns, increase magnetic field

property of electromagnets

have a north and a south pole

property of electromagnets

when placed in a magnetic field, it will align itself along the magnetic field lines (like a compass)

property of electromagnets

will attract magnetic materials and be attracted and repelled by other magnets


a device that uses an electromagnet to measure electric current

electric motor

a device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy

electric motor

contains an electromagnet which rotates freely to the poles of the permanent magnet, permanent magnet, coil, and electric current (battery)


a machine that produces electric current by rotating a coil within a stationary magnetic field


a device for increasing or decreasing voltage through electromagnetic induction


magnetism and electricity are ___

motion of electric charges

magnetism is produced by the ___ _ ___ ___

motion of a magnet

faraday and henry discovered that electric current can be produced by ___ _ _ ___

magnetic field in a the loop

voltage is induced in a loop of wire if there is a change in the ___ ___ _ _ ___

electromagnetic induction

the phenomenon that electric current can be produced by the motion of a magnet and the voltage is induced if there is a change in the magnetic field is known as ___ ___.

faraday and henry

___ & ___ discovered that electric current can be produced by the motion of a magnet


when a magnet is plunged in and out of a coil of wire, voltage is induced in the coil. If the rate of the in-and-out motion of the magnet is doubled, the induced voltage ___


if the number of loops in the coil is doubled, the induced voltage ___

electric field

a rapidly changing magnetic field in any region of space induces a rapidly changing __ ___

magnetic field

a rapidly changing electric field induces a rapidly changing ___ ___

electromagnetic waves

the generation of electric and magnetic fields makes up ___ ___

iron, nickel, cobalt

magnetic elements


a current-carrying wire that acts like a magnet when the current passes through it


a device for reversing the direction of a current

increases strength

more loops and a higher current through a solenoid

parts of an electromagnet

wire, power source, and iron core


used from generator to power lines


used from power lines to buildings


current changes direction every 1/2 turn in an electromagnet generator


1 complete circuit, 1 direction

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