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  1. Control
  2. Marking
  3. Gestures
  4. Vocalized Pauses
  5. Discrimination
  1. a a negative action toward a social group or its members on account of group membership
  2. b the degree to which one participant is perceived to be more dominant or powerful
  3. c the addition of sex, race, age, or other designations to a description
  4. d extraneous sounds or words that interrupt fluent speech
  5. e movements of our hands, arms, and fingers that we use to describe or to emphasize

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  1. the process of creating or sharing meaning in informal conversation, group interaction, or public speaking
  2. a time of orientation that emphasizes doing one thing at a time
  3. cultures in which messages are direct, specific, and detailed
  4. the distance you try to maintain when you interact with other people
  5. gestures that augment a verbal message

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  1. Dating Informationthe variety, melody, or inflection in one's voice


  2. Similea direct comparison of dissimilar things


  3. Communication Competencethe impression that communicative behavior is both appropriate and effective in a given situation


  4. Participantsindividuals who assume the roles of senders and receivers during an interaction


  5. Physical contextits location, the environmental conditions, the distance between communicators, seating arrangements, and time of day