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  1. Dating Information
  2. Constructed messages
  3. Scripted messages
  4. High-context Cultures
  5. Emblems
  1. a phrasings learned from past encounters that we judge to be appropriate to the present situations
  2. b messages put together with careful thought when we recognize that our known scripts are inadequate for the situation
  3. c specifying the time or time period that a fact was true or known to be true
  4. d cultures in which messages are indirect, general, and ambiguous
  5. e gestures can substitute for words

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  1. thoughts in our minds and interpretations of other messages
  2. one participant, the speaker, delivers a prepared message to a group or audience who has assembled to hear the speaker
  3. the physical environment over which you exert control
  4. events that happen as the result of being foretold, expected, or talked about
  5. communicating with anxiety or nervousness

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  1. Adaptorsa comparison that establishes a figuartive identity between objects being compared


  2. Feedbackthe internal conversations we have with ourselves


  3. Artifactsthe addition of sex, race, age, or other designations to a description


  4. Psychological contextinternal distractions based on thoughts, feelings, or emotional reactions to symbols


  5. Credibilitya perception of a speaker's knowledge, trustworthiness, and warmth