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  1. Gestures
  2. Psychological context
  3. Skills
  4. Concrete Words
  5. Historical context
  1. a the background provided by previous communication episodes between the participants that influence understandings in the current encounter
  2. b movements of our hands, arms, and fingers that we use to describe or to emphasize
  3. c the mood and feelings each person brings to the conversation
  4. d words that appeal to the senses and help us see, hear, smell, taste, or touch
  5. e goal-oriented actions or action sequences that we can master and repeat in appropriate situations

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  1. spoken without much conscious thought
  2. electronic correspondence conducted between two or more users on a network where the communication does not occur in real time
  3. use words of empathy and support, emphasize concrete and personal language, and show politeness and tenativeness in speaking
  4. reasons we give for others' behavior
  5. the feelings or evaluations we associate with a word

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  1. Text messagingverbal utterances and non-verbal behaviors to which meaning is attributed during communication


  2. Self-Esteemyour overall evaluation of your competence and personal worthiness


  3. Prejudicethe interpretationof a person's use of space


  4. Eye Contact or Gazethe direct, explicit meaning a speech community formally gives a word


  5. Wordsa pattern of learned behaviors that people use to meet the perceived demands of a particular context