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  1. Implicit Personality theories
  2. High-context Cultures
  3. Psychological noise
  4. Problem-Solving Group settings
  5. Adaptors
  1. a internal distractions based on thoughts, feelings, or emotional reactions to symbols
  2. b participants come together for the specific purpose of solving a problem or arriving at a decision
  3. c assumptions people have developed about which physical characteristics and personality traits or behaviors are associated with another
  4. d cultures in which messages are indirect, general, and ambiguous
  5. e gestures that respond to a physical need

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  1. words, sounds, and actions that are generally inderstood to represent ideas and feelings
  2. cultures in which messages are direct, specific, and detailed
  3. using words that may apply only to one sex, race, or other group as though they represent everyone
  4. a negative action toward a social group or its members on account of group membership
  5. both the route traveled by the message and the means of transportation

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  1. Uncertainty reductionthe process of monitoring the social environment to learn more about self and others


  2. Nonverbal Communication Behaviorsinteractions among a small number of people who have relationships with each other


  3. Masculine Styles of Languageuse words of status and problem solving, emphasize abstract and general language, and shows assertiveness and control in speaking


  4. Personal Spacesights, sounds, and other stimuli in the environment that draw people's attention away from intended meaning


  5. Semantic noisedistractions aroused by certain symbols that take our attention away from the main message