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  1. Social Ease
  2. High-context Cultures
  3. Gestures
  4. E-mail
  5. Vivid Wording
  1. a communicating with anxiety or nervousness
  2. b electronic correspondence conducted between two or more users on a network where the communication does not occur in real time
  3. c cultures in which messages are indirect, general, and ambiguous
  4. d movements of our hands, arms, and fingers that we use to describe or to emphasize
  5. e wording that is full of life, vigorous, bright, and intense

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  1. the direct, explicit meaning a speech community formally gives a word
  2. any stimulus that interferes with the process of sharing meaning
  3. assumptions people have developed about which physical characteristics and personality traits or behaviors are associated with another
  4. both the route traveled by the message and the means of transportation
  5. your self-identity

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  1. Indexing Generalizationspecifying the time or time period that a fact was true or known to be true


  2. Perception Checkthe process of selectively attending to information and assigning meaning to it


  3. Dating Informationthe variety, melody, or inflection in one's voice


  4. Mesomorphmuscular and athletic body type


  5. Text messagingshort, written messages between mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices, exchanged in real time or stored for later retrieval