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  1. Slang
  2. Discrimination
  3. Chat rooms
  4. Paralanguage
  5. Moral Dilemma
  1. a the voiced but not verbal part of a spoken message
  2. b a negative action toward a social group or its members on account of group membership
  3. c a choice involving an unsatisfactory alternative
  4. d informal vocabulary used by particular groups in society
  5. e interactive message exchange between two or more people where multiple messages are exchanged in real time

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  1. the process of putting our thoughts and feelings into words and nonverbal cues
  2. a pattern of learned behaviors that people use to meet the perceived demands of a particular context
  3. the interpretation of touch
  4. the distance you try to maintain when you interact with other people
  5. any stimulus that interferes with the process of sharing meaning

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  1. Psychological noisedistractions aroused by certain symbols that take our attention away from the main message


  2. Attributionsthe feelings or evaluations we associate with a word


  3. Masculine Styles of Languagephrasings learned from past encounters that we judge to be appropriate to the present situations


  4. Perception Checkthe process of selectively attending to information and assigning meaning to it


  5. Credibilitya perception of a speaker's knowledge, trustworthiness, and warmth