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  1. Symbols
  2. Instant messaging
  3. Control
  4. Emblems
  5. Contexts
  1. a gestures can substitute for words
  2. b the degree to which one participant is perceived to be more dominant or powerful
  3. c the settings in which communication occurs
  4. d words, sounds, and actions that are generally inderstood to represent ideas and feelings
  5. e communication through maintaining a list of people that you can interact with in real time when they are online

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  1. a direct comparison of dissimilar things
  2. interactions among a small number of people who have relationships with each other
  3. the internal process of observing and regulating your own behavior based on your analysis of the situation and others' responses to you
  4. a time of orientation that emphasizes doing one thing at a time
  5. a comparison that establishes a figuartive identity between objects being compared

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  1. Implicit Personality theoriesassumptions people have developed about which physical characteristics and personality traits or behaviors are associated with another


  2. Adaptorsgestures that respond to a physical need


  3. Immediacythe interpretation of body motions used in communication


  4. Dating Informationspecifying the time or time period that a fact was true or known to be true


  5. Nonverbal Communication Behaviorsbodily actions and vocal qualities that typically accompany a verbal message