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  1. Proxemics
  2. Physical Space
  3. Specific Words
  4. Stereotypes
  5. Vocalized Pauses
  1. a the physical environment over which you exert control
  2. b extraneous sounds or words that interrupt fluent speech
  3. c words that clarifymeaning by narrowing what is understood from a general categoryto a particular item or group within that category
  4. d the interpretationof a person's use of space
  5. e attributions that cover up individual differences and ascribe certain characteristics to an entire group of people

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  1. wording that is full of life, vigorous, bright, and intense
  2. symbols used by a speech community to represent objects, ideas, and feelings
  3. bodily actions and vocal qualities that typically accompany a verbal message
  4. words, sounds, and actions that are generally inderstood to represent ideas and feelings
  5. the mood and feelings each person brings to the conversation

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  1. Interpretassigning meaning to information


  2. Internal noisethoughts and feelings that compete for attention and interfere with the communication process


  3. High-context Culturesthe settings in which communication occurs


  4. Dating Informationa negative action toward a social group or its members on account of group membership


  5. Emblemsgestures can substitute for words