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  1. Specific Words
  2. Physical Space
  3. Vivid Wording
  4. Noise
  5. Indexing Generalization
  1. a the mental and verbal practice of acknowledging the presence of individual differences when voicing generalizations
  2. b the physical environment over which you exert control
  3. c words that clarifymeaning by narrowing what is understood from a general categoryto a particular item or group within that category
  4. d any stimulus that interferes with the process of sharing meaning
  5. e wording that is full of life, vigorous, bright, and intense

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  1. thoughts in our minds and interpretations of other messages
  2. a pattern of learned behaviors that people use to meet the perceived demands of a particular context
  3. the weight or importance given to certain words or ideas
  4. how and how much we look at people with whom we are communicating
  5. involves participants who do not share a physical context but communicate through the use of technology

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  1. Emblemsgestures can substitute for words


  2. Precise Wordswords that narrow a larger category


  3. Paralanguagethe voiced but not verbal part of a spoken message


  4. Nonparallel Languageusing words that may apply only to one sex, race, or other group as though they represent everyone


  5. Concrete Wordsthe settings in which communication occurs


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