10 terms

quiz 4

Which of the following is NOT a company or network that forms the Internet backbone?

a. Verizon c. EarthLink
b. AT&T d. Sprint
Many cell phone companies offer Internet access over their networks at speeds up to ____.

a. 6 Mbps c. 18 Mbps
b. 12 Mbps d. 24 Mbps
a. 6Mbps
Data ____ travel over the Internet from router to router until reaching their destinations.

a. messages c. servlets
b. RSS feeds d. packets
The next-generation Internet called ____ promises increased data transfer rates and improved reliability.

a. WWW2 c. IP2
b. Internet2 d. ICANN
b.internet 2
Web browsers communicate with Web servers using the ____ protocol.

a. TCP c. HTTP
b. SMTP d. IP
The Web ____ fulfills Web page requests from Web clients and the computers that run such software.

a. browser c. protocol
b. client d. server
d. server
Web sites that support ____ feeds include the New York Times, Google News, Quotes of the Day, CNET
News, Scientific American, and thousands of other popular and obscure sources.

a. SSH c. JSS
b. Ajax d. VB
a. SSH
A keyword search at which of the following is a search of the Web?

a. Bing c. Yahoo!
b. Google d. none of the above
d. none of the above
Through all of the following EXCEPT ____, ordinary citizens are more involved in reporting the news
than ever before in a trend some refer to as social journalism or citizen journalism.

a. blogs c. podcasts
b. vcasts d. productivity suites
d. productivity suites
With increasing amounts of Internet ____ going to more homes, streaming video and television are
becoming commonplace.

a. portals c. bandwidth
b. ISPs d. protocol
c. bandwidth