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A. What is trait? B. Leadership traits I. Personality 1. General personality traits: self confidence, humility, trustworthiness, authenticity, extra version, assertiveness, enthusiasm-optimism-warmth, sense of humor. 2. Task related personality traits: passion for work and the people, flexibility and adaptability, internal locus of control, courage, EQ-Selfawareness-Selfmanagement-Socialawareness-relationshipmanagement II. Leadership motives 1. Power motive: personlized powermotive, socialized…


trend, skills, characteristics and experience


Personal attributes or belongings which contribute toward effectiveness of leadership

General personality traits

Traits used in work and personal life


- Never give up
- Being flexible


- Being humble at right times
- Admitting if making mistakes


- Leaders make followers believe by talking, listening and helping
- Leaders want trust from other members


- The leader is honest and good all the time
- They be kind because it's their intrinsic personality


- Do something more than requirement
- Socialising (like meeting many people)


- Always demand/express high goals


- Good relationship with team members
- Love their job


- Share, inspire others


- Emotional support, being friendly

Sense of humor

- Jokes, funny people

Task-related personality traits

- Reaction when given a job

Passion for work and people

- Love their job and task


- Able to change according to the situation


- Adjust to the situation

Internal locus of control - Prime mover

- The first person who is willing to do the job


- Do not run away from difficulties/problems
- Never give up


- Understand one's own emotion
- Understand one's own strength and weakness


- Control emotion

Social awareness

- Understand people's emotion

Relationship Management

- Ability to communicate and build relationship with members

Leadership motives

- What motives a person to be a leader

Personalized power motive

- For personal reasons, don't care about others
- Become the rich first then help others

Socialized power motive

- Want to get power to help others

The Drive and Achievement Motive

- Work hard to achieve goals
- Always want to win

Tenacity and resilience

- Persistent and never give up

Strong work ethic

- Practicing positive values
- Don't want money/power but want to help others

Cognitive factors

- Mental capabilities

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