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  1. Link or connect the subject to additional info
  2. Any noun that doesn't name a specific person, place, thing, idea. It is not capitalized.
  3. Any noun that names a specific person, place, thing, idea. It is capitalized.
  4. Connects individual words or groups of words (independent clauses, lists, etc.)
  5. Words used to express strong emotion or surprise. A comma or exclamation point separates it in a sentence.
  6. The word that gets replaces by a pronoun

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  1. AdjetivesModify nouns or pronouns and help make you writing more exciting


  2. Name all the pronounsA word used in place of a noun


  3. Helping VerbsCome before the main noun and tell more, exactly when and how the action of a sentence is taking place


  4. AppositiveWords that show position, direction, or how two words are related to each other


  5. Direct ObjectA noun or pronoun that does the action of the verb


  6. AdverbsModify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs


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