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5 Which pregnancy experience may contribute to the highest risk for fetal vulnerability?
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Which skin presentation has the greatest cause of concern and require follow up?a raised bump that is skin toned and bleeds easilyWhich clotting pathway is predominantly affected when a client takes warfarin (Coumadin)Extrinsic pathwayWhat is the risk for an individual with vitamin k deficiencyIncreased risk for bleedingWhat is the most common reason for thrombocytopeniaIncreased thrombocytes consumptionWhat is an individual at risk for when she has liver diseaseIncreased risk for bleedingWhat is the reason for idiopathic thrombocytopeniaThe true cause is not identified but it is related to the immune responseWhich is/are a primary form of thrombocythemiaIncreased platelet production due to increased megakaryocyte numbers IneffectiveWhat does heparin doPrevents clot formationWhat is the patient at risk for if she has more quantities of megakaryocytesThrombocytopemiaWhich individual is at greates risk for spontaneous clot formationAn individual from a m8 which area of the body has the most distribution of fluidsIntracellular spaceWith extracellular fluid, a majority of its distribution is within the intravascular spaceFalse—interstitial space has majorityWhich pressures are responsible for filtrationCapillary hydrostatic and interstitial oncoticAs person has vomiting and diarrhea. What type of immediate alteration will his body haveIsotonic dehydrationA person eats potato chips and ham sandwich. She forgets to drink any water. What type of immediate alteration will her body haveHypertonic nomovolemicA patient has gastric sanctioning. The contents of the stomach is mostly sodium with minimal fluid. What type of immediate alteration occurs?Hyponateemia and normovolemniaIn the patient with gastric suctioning, what type of alteration is present in the blood vasculature after fluid shifts to compensate for alterations?Isotonic dehydration and hyponatemia dehydrationA patient with chronic bronchitis is assessed to have a dissented abdomen due to pulmonary hypertension. What influenced the fluid shift?Increased capillary hydrostatic pressuresA patient who has been starving for a long duration of time now has a distended abdomen. What influenced the edemaDecreased capillary oncotic pressuresInterstitial hyrdrostaic pressure and capillTrueAn elderly patient arrives