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Medici Family

The Renaissance begins when...
Cosimo de Medici and his friends search Europe for manuscripts. Simply reading pagan authors works would kick you out of the church.
The pope could...
excommunicate Christians guilty of heresy, or believing anything other than what the church preached.
...built the dome of Florence Cathedral, was...
Brunelleschi...both an architect and engineer.
Brunelleschi used...for support
Florentines came to....
watch the building of the dome. They were amazed by Brunelleschi's classical order of arches, which hadn't been used since the fall of Rome.
After observing the construction of the dome of the Roman Pantheon...
Brunelleschi decided that he could not use the same techniques because the size was much larger and the recipe for concrete had been lost.
Brunelleschi also devised a way...
to alter the gears on pulleys so the oxen could pull the heavy beams into the air and return them to group without changing direction.
Brunelleschi personally...
laid some bricks on the dome because the technique he proposed was so revolutionary that none of the masons wanted to try because they feared for their lives.
...patronage of Brunelleschi...
Cosimo's...helped the Medici family gain power and prestige.
The...who resented the...had...arrested.
Albizzi...power of the Medici...Cosimo...
Brunelleschi was eventually...
jailed and forced to stop his work when his patron was found guilty of treason.
Cosimo escaped jail by....
bribing the guards.
When Cosimo returned...
he had more power and prestige. The Medici banks became the most important in Europe as they collected money from the Pope.
Cosimo de Medici's patronage of...
Baldesari Cossa paid off when he became Pope John XXIII.
Florence was proud to be the only....
republic in Europe; but the government was often corrupt.
....percent of all Renaissance...
70...artists lived and worked in Florence.
Brunelleschi invented...
linear perspective. According to Jeremy Brotten, this changed the way we see, creating a modern image of the world.
The bronze sculpture of...
David by Donatello was the first free-standing statue created since ancient Rome.
Once the dome was finished...
Cosimo organized the general council of Florence, which brought people from all over the world to his city. This included scholars who could translate Greek texts that Cosimo and his friends had been searching for.
When Cosimo died...
in 1464, the Florentines declared him Pater Patriae, father of the fatherland.
The Medicis ruled Florence from...
Medici began as...
After moving to the city they became...
the predominant commercial and political family.
How did the Medici gain power?
Through the growth of the merchant banking class, which included the Medici.
First family member
Salvestro, leader of the famous Florentine lower-class revolt of ciompi.
What happened to Salvestro?
He was banished from Florentine.
Who brought back success to the Medici?
Giovanni de Bicci de' Medeci
How did Giovanni "lay the foundation of their wealth?"
Made money in banking and in the collection of rents. First to patronize the arts
Medici and the arts
Most generous and influential patrons
Giovanni and the government
He challenged the aristocracy, Medici became richest dynasty.
What made the Medici different.
They got power through business, NOT by birthright.
Giovanni's sons
Cosimo and Lorenzo
Who was the most successful Medici?
Cosimo, helped bank emerge as number 1
What else were the Medici involved in?
Lucrative silk and wool industries, traded spices
Cosimo made alliances with...
Milanese and Neapolitan neighbors to stop Papal states
Cosimo's grandson
Lorenzo de' Medici
Who was Lorenzo's enemy?
Dominican friar Savonarola, who charged him with corruption
Lorenzo patronized...
Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli
Lorenzo's son
Giovanni, pope Leo X
Giovanni's cousin
Giulio, Pope Clement VII
Catherine de Médicis
Married king Henry II, queen of france,
Last Medici
Gian-Gastone de' Medici