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reputeestimatino in the view of others; reputationprovocationsomething that incites, instigates, angers, or irritatesabhorto regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominatemeddleto involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedimportuneto press or beset with solitations; demand with urgency or persistencecruciblea container of metal or refractory material employed for heating substances to high temperatures; a severe, searching test or trialreproofthe act of censoring, reproving, or rebukingenvoya diplomatic agent; any accredited messenger or representativesuretysecurity against loss or damage or for the fulfillment of an obligation, the payment of a debt, etc.; a pledge, guarantee, or bond; a person who has made himself or herself responsible for another, as a sponser, godparent, or bondsman; certaintyexaltto raise in rank, honor, power, character, quality; to elevate; to intensify as a color; to praise or extolprofessto lay claim to, often insincerely; pretend tospurto proceed hurriedly; press forwardmutanta new type of organism produced as the result of mutationrepertorytype of theatrical representation in which a company presents several works regularly or in alternate sequence in one seasongenrea class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique, or the likeproliferateto increase or spread at a rapid raterivetto fasten or secure firmly; to engross or hold (attention)echelona formation of groups, units, or individuals; a subdivision of a military or naval force; a level of responsibility or authority in a hierarchy; force, rank, unitimperativesomething that is urgent or essentialepistolaryof or associated with letters or the writing of lettersaspireto have a great ambition or ulitmate goal; desire strongly; to strive toward an end; to soarprimalbeing first in time; original; primeval; of first importance; primarysavvypractical understanding; shrewdness or intelligence; comon sense; know howinsouciantcarefree---marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalantgonzofilled with bizarre or subjective ideas, commentary, or the likedepictto represent by or as if by painting; portray; delineate; to represent or characterize in words; describetrenchantincisive or keen, as language or a person; caustic; cuttingestrangealienate, destory the friendship ofexotericsuitable for or communicated to the general publicchronicleto record in or in the form of a historical record