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tail of the sperm, used for locomotion


canal which carries the urine from the bladder and in males is a passage for sperm


male reproductive gland which produces the male hormone testosterone


state marked by a stiff form such as when the penis fills with blood and becomes stiff


fold of skin that covers the end of the penis in uncircumcised males


external pouch on most male mammals which contains the testes


male organ that releases urine and semen


a sudden discharge of fluid from a duct, as when semen is ejaculated


microscopic male gamete (sex cell) which carries the male genes


whitish fluid of the male reproductive tract which consists of sperms

Sperm production begins at puberty and continues into old age. T/F


The male reproductive organs are partly inside the lower abdomen and partly hanging below it. T/F


Sperm are produced inside the fallopian tubes. T/F


About 5 million sperm mature every day. T/F


Name 6 effects of testosterone on males

Shoulders broaden. Voice deepens. Growth spurt. Body odor. Muscle mass increases. Hair growth on face, under arms, chest, legs, pubic area.

Suspended in the scrotum are a pair of egg-shaped ________, in which sperm cells are manufactured.


The male sex organs are specialized to_______.

produce and deliver sperm

Sperm mature and are stored in the _________.


If sperm are not ejaculated, they/their _______.

a) die, b) remnants are reabsorbed, c) break down, or D) all of the above. ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Label the parts of the male reproductive system.

OK - and I'll study for this. Really. I'm not kidding this time.

This last trimester, I'll earn a _________ in Science, by studying on Quizlet every day.


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