13 terms

MCAT - Formulas

Power (W, watts) = ?
P = I * V
Power (can also be a rate, rate of work) = Work /amount of time work was done
Work (W) = ?
Work = Force * distance
Relation between distance, acceleration and time
d = 1/2 a t

and so,

t = sqrt(2*d/a)
Voltage: series vs. parallel
series: add them up
parallel: one source only
Conservation of linear momentum
mv (of the one thing) = mv (of another thing)
Oxidation number of oxygen
oxidation number of hydrogen
Oxidizing means what?
makes things more negative
Reducing means what?
makes things more positive
Connecting wavelength, frequency and wave velocity
λ * f = v

wavelength * frequency = wave velocity

For light, wave velocity is 3*10^8
Mendelian genetics: how to determine the frequency of the recessive TRAIT!
frequency of recessive trait = sqrt(recessive/all) = q

frequency of recessive gene in population = p q 2
Newton's law of gravity
mg = GMm/r²
Relating Free energy (G) to the equilibrium constant (K)
ΔG = -RTln(K)