Community exam 1 CH5

A broad declaration of an organization's purpose and a guideline for future decision
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measurable activities carried out by team members of programProcess objectivesmeasurable activities surrounding budget, staffing,management,resources,coordinationStructural objectivesSpecific measurable achievable realistic timeSMART objectivesdescription of the proposed intervention nutrition education component marketing planA program plan consist ofassigns responsibility indicated resources available developed after reviewing existing programs and talking with other professionsalProgram planteamsProgram planning is best done in____-Addresses how program will be implemented to meet target population's nutritional need -Can be directed toward individuals, communities, systemsIntervention strategyI-building awareness II-changing lifestyle III-creating supportive environment for changeLevels of interventionchange attitudes and beliefs, increase knowledge of risk factors seldom results in behavior changeLevel 1 of interventionsuccessful with small changes over time, using combination of behavior modification and educationLevel II of interventioncreate environment that support behavior changes made by individualsLevel III of interventionprogram name logo action figure a tag line-short simple messageProgram identifierssalaries/wages materials travel expensesDirect costsoffice rental utilities janitorialIndirect costsfunding____ might be in place for initial staffing and planning phaseextramural fundingCommunity nutritionist may have to rely on ____ for program activities and interventionshelps managers make decisions about operations of program determines progress toward goals and objectives and whether goals are still appropriate helps ensure that program resources are being used properlyWhy is evaluation necessaryprogram staff agency staff outside consultants who are familiar with all aspects of the programWho conducts the evaluationmay focus on one program element may be comprehensive and examine design, delivery,and useProgram evaluation processtesting and assessing program elements before implementingFormative evaluationexamining program activities and how program is deliveredProcess evaluationdetermining whether and to what extent a program accomplished its goalsImpact evaluationmeasuring whether program changed overall health status of target populationOutcome evaluationevaluating personnel and environemental factors related to program deliveryStructure evaluationhow outcomes compare with costFiscal evaluationstrive to remain neutral in the face of competing minority interest search out and define the views and interest of the minority group to ensure that their needs are being met be sensitive to cultural differences that make implementing the evaluation difficultWhat does multiculturalism mean for the evaluator?planning today to meet the needs of tomorrowA good effective nutrition program is achieved bydocumentTo help other community nurtritionist, ___ an account of your efforts and outcomesa great deal of creativity and offers opportunities to learn new skills and work with people in public relations, marketing,design,and communicationsProgram planning requires