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- respect for persons' privacy and choice to participate in the study , beneficence or protecting the participants in the study from any harm, and justice or sharing the benefits of research with all participants
VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION: choice to decide whether to participate or not to participate in the study
- freedom to decide about their participation without any coercion or excessive inducement, and the freedom to withdraw from the research without penalty, once it has begun
INFORMED CONSENT: participants should understand what will happen to them during the study(electric shock or other unpleasant stimuli)
- potential participants must receive this information before data from them are collected, so that they make an informed decision about participation in the study
- technique of deception may be used
- nature of the study should be explained before its actual commencement
DEBRIEFING: participants are provided with necessary information to complete their understanding of research
- ensures that participants leave the study in the same physical and mental state as when they entered
- offers reassurance to the participants
SHARING THE RESULTS OF THE STUDY: obligatory for the researcher to go back to the participants and share the results of the study with them
- fulfil the expectations of the participants
- the participants may tell you their opinion about the results, which sometimes may help you develop new insights
CONFIDENTIALITY OF DATA SOURCE: participants in a study have the right to privacy
- researcher must safeguard their privacy by keeping the information provided by them in strict confidence
- most effective way is not to record their identities (code numbers)
- identification list should be destroyed as soon as the research is over