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Processes for establishing belief based on proof derived by systematic examination of evidence.


Processes for establishing belief that does not require proof or evidence.


Awareness of good and evil is based on one's own intuitive images of the social and physical worlds.

Intuitive-Projective Faith

Intuitive thought does not differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Intuitive-Projective Faith

Quasi-logical thought is concrete, that is, based on experience with little consideration of context.

Mythical-Literal Faith

Stories are interpreted literally. God is a parent figure. Parents are godlike.

Mythical-Literal Faith

Thought is increasing abstract, less limited to one's experience.

Synthetic-Conventional Faith

Thought continues to be influenced by others. Peers become increasingly influential, sometimes displacing parents.

Synthetic-Conventional Faith

One's values/beliefs are subject to in-depth exploration and analysis.

Individuative-Reflective Faith

Increasing clarification of one's values/beliefs and acceptance of responsibility for acting on those values is the primal challenge of young adulthood.

Individuative-Reflective Faith

Open consideration and acknowledgement of paradox and opposing ideas and perspectives.

Conjunctive Faith

Increasing awareness and acceptance of one's limitations and finiteness.

Conjunctive Faith

Transcending specific belief systems, including one's own, to achieve a sense of oneness with all people.

Universalizing Faith

Commitment to eliminating ideological and social barriers that divide people.

Universalizing Faith

Intuitive-Projective Faith

Early Childhood

Mythical-Literal Faith

Middle Childhood

Synthetic-Conventional Faith


Individuative-Reflective Faith

Early Adulthood

Conjunctive Faith

Middle Adulthood

Universalizing Faith

Late Adulthood

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