Frog Terms

25 terms by 7-2science

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Maxillary Teeth

teeth that crush prey


filters waste from blood

Sperm Ducts

transports sperm

Small Intestine

absorbs nutrients from food and blood


pushes food to stomach


produces blood cells


carries eggs


helps with digestion, digestive juices break down protein


legs that provide balance and cushion

Fat Bodies

stores food

Translucent Lid

protects eyes when underwater

Gall Bladder

stores bile


produces eggs

Vomerine Teeth

teeth that help hold and crush food

Large Intestine

collects waste, absorbs water, digests

Hind Legs

muscular legs for jumping


produces sperm

Urinary Bladder

stores urine

Tympanic Membrane

ear drums (detect sound/sound vibrations)


opening to lungs


produces bile


breaks down food

Eustachian Tube

tube that leads to ears


attached at the front of the mouth


pumps blood throughout the body

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