Social Work Midterm

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Physiological survival
Safety Needs
help those whose needs were not met by primary resources.
Time limited- once prob is solved safety is gone
Social Utilites
views human services as society's frontline in addressing human needs
Social Welfare
society's organized efforts to meet some human needs
Puritan philosophy that shaped early social programs
those with a moral defect required assistance.
Definition of Social Work
professional activity of helping individuals, groups or communities enhance capacity for social functioning. Creates societal conditions favorable for that goal
Person in Environment Focus
help people enhance social functioning simultaneously work to chance conditions that hinder improvement
Generalist social work practice
helps social workers focus on interaction between person and environment and the situation is viewed as determining which approach to take.

-broad knowledge and skills are needed
-helps meet needs of client
Professional Autonomy
professionals are free of constraints that might limit ability to select what they consider best way to assist client.
Professional Authority
given to people with necessary knowledge and skills to provide needed services
Professional Responsibility
professions must be accountable to the public
Elements characteristic of all professions
1. professional autonomy
2. professional authority
3. professional responsibility
Minimal Requirements to be: Professional SW
BSW from SW program accredited by Council of Social Work Education
Minimal Requirements to be: Specialized SW