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Revolutionary War Events

Battles, events, etc.
How did France and other countries contribute to the Americans in the Rev. War?
They sent soldiers to fight and train, sent supplies, and money.
How did African Americans contribute to the Rev. War?
They fought on both sides in hopes of gaining their freedom.
How did women contribute to the Rev. War?
They cooked, washed clothes, became nurses, and some even fought. They worked at home keeping up the farm and family.
Battle of Lexington and Concord
The British left Boston to find weapons, were met by minutemen, fired a shot, and continued on to find the weapons. When they reached the destination, they were met by more minutemen and had to retreat back to Boston.
Battle of Lexington and Concord
First battle of the Revolutionary War and known as "the shot heard around the world".
What is meant by "shot heard around the world"?
The Patriots had defeated the British, which was a shock to everyone. People began spreading the word that the Patriots were able to beat the British around the colonies and even into Europe.
Battle of Bunker Hill
The British wanted to capture this area, but the Patriots pushed them back three times. ON the third time, the Patriots ran of ammo and had to surrender to the British.
Battle of Saratoga
The turning point of the war - the Patriots proved they could defeat the British and the French joined in the fight to defeat the British.
Battle of Saratoga
The British wanted to cut off the New England colonies from the rest of the colonies. The Patriots surrounded the British, took most of the British prisoner, and took all their supplies. This battle was the turning point.
Battle of Charleston
The British wanted to take over this area, but they didn't succeed the first try because cannons wouldn't go through palmetto logs. They dug trenches around the city, began firing, and caught the town on fire. The Americans surrendered to the British.
Battle of Yorktown
The last battle of the war - The Patriots won!
Battle of Yorktown
With the help of the French, the Patriots surrounded the British by land and sea and forced the British to surrender. Patriots won their freedom from Britain.
Battle of Cowpens
The Patriots fought in lines. The Patriots were able to surround the British on all sides, with the help of Washington's calvary, and took all of the men and supplies.