Imperialism & Spanish-American War


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Great White Fleet
An armada of ships sent by T.R. to announce U.S. entry into the ranks of the superpowers.
White Man's Burden
The idea that Europe yards and their descendants are responsible for saving the darker-skinned world.
Queen Liliuokalani
The last queen of Hawaii.
USS Maine
The accidental destruction of this vessel in a Cuban Harbor sparked the Spanish-American War.
Yellow Journalism
When reporters exaggerate or falsify a story.
William Randolf Hearst
Extremely wealthy yellow journalist. With his competitor Pulitzer, helped cause the Spanish-American War.
Rough Riders
A group of cowboys organized by T. Roosevelt for military service in the Spanish-American War.
A territory effectively controlled by the U.S. military. Cuba was a prime example.
A territory where the people are citizens, but have no congressional representation. Puerto Rico maintains the status today.
Open Door Policy
Rule that allowed all Western nations equal access to trade with China.
Boxer Rebellion
Chinese nativist revolt against western trade and influence.