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Genesis 12-50

What chapter in Genesis is the Abrahamic Covenant found?
chapter 12
Why does God change Abram's name to Abraham?
The covenant is about to be fulfilled
How old was Abraham when God first spoke the covenant to him?
75 years old
What did the Abrahamic covenant promise?(4)
great nation, land, name will be great, "so you shall be a blessing"
Why does Abram go to Egypt?
there was a famine in the land
How old was Abraham when Ishmael was born?
86 years old
After Hagar has conceived a baby with Abram, who does Sarah blame for this unfortunate circumstance?
How does Pharoah know that Sarah is Abraham's wife?
because of a plague
How old is Sarah when she gives birth to Isaac?
90 years old
Who goes with Abraham on his journey to Egypt?
Sarai and Lot
Why do Abram and Lot separate?
they had too many possessions and the land was not enough to share
What is the relationship between Abram and Lot?
Lot is Abram's nephew
Does God change Sarai's name?
When Abram and Sarai went to meet Pharoah, what did Abram tell Sarai to say?
That she is Abram's sister
Who is Hagar?
an egyptian maidservant
What does Isaac mean?
What argument does Abraham bring to God concerning Sodom?
not to destroy the righteous along with the wicked
What is the main reason that the 3 visitors come to visit Abraham?
to announce the promise of a son
In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, what do the angels tell Lot and his family to do?
leave the city
What happens to Lot's wife in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?
she turns into a pillar of salt
How did Abraham treat the 3 visitors?
He treated them very well
Why did Hagar run away from Sarai?
because Sarai mistreated her
What happens to Hagar and Ishmael when Abraham sends them out into the desert?
God provides water
Who does Abraham send out to find Isaac a wife?
a chief servant
Who's to blame when Jacob gets Isaac's blessing?
Jacob, Esau, Rebekah, Isaac
How many years does Jacob work to marry Rachel?
14 years
How many sons does Leah have?
6 children
How many sons does Zilpah have?
2 sons
How many sons does Rachel have?
2 sons
How many sons does Bilhah have?
2 sons
What does the name Israel mean?
struggles with God and men and has overcome
Why does Abraham have contact with Ephron the HIttite?
for Sarahs tomb
How does Pharoah know that Sarah is Abram's wife?
because of a plague
Did Abraham tell his son that he was going to sacrafice him?
What prophecy is spoken over Rebekah and Isaac's twins?
2 nations in her womb, the older will serve the younger
Esau is known for being what?
A skillfull hunter and very hairy
How did Jacob buy his brother's birthright?
with soup
What instructions did Isaac give Jacob concerning who to marry?
Don't marry a Canaanite
Who is Jacob's first wife?
How does the argument between Jacob and Laban get resolved?
by a treaty
What is the message that Jacob preaches to his household as he returns to Bethel?
Get rid of foreign gods
Describe Jacob's 2 dreams
1: brother's grain bowed down 2: sun, moon, 11 stars bowed to him
How do Joseph's brothers cover up what they did to him?
put goats blood on his robe and told their father that an animal attacked him
Who is Tamar?
Daughter-in-law of Judah
Who does Joseph first work for in Egypt and what is his job?
Potiphar; his personal servant/captain of pharoah
What does Joseph do when Potiphar's wife asks to sleep with him?
no; "....how could i do such a wicked thing against God?"
What is the cupbearer's dream?
vine with 3 brances gave him grapes, so he squeezed them into Pharoahs cup
What is the baker's dream?
3 baskets of bread baked for pharoah..birds starting eating the bread out of the basket on his head
What are Pharoah's 2 dreams?
7 weak cows eat 7 strong cows, 7 thin heads of grain took over the 7 strong crops
What did Joseph predict about Pharoah's dream?
7 good years and 7 years of famine
What is Josephs egyptian name?
What is Joseph's wife's name?
What are the names of Joseph's 2 sons?
Manasseh and Ephraim
Why do Joseph's brothers go to Egypt?
they went to buy grain
What does Joseph first accuse his brothers of being?
What does Joseph tell his brothers to do in order for him to know they are not lying to him?
bring their youngest brother(Benjamin) to Joseph
How does Reuben convince his father to let Benjamin go to Egypt?
he says that he will kill both of his own sons if Benjamin does not return safely
Why does Joseph cry when he sees Benjamin?
he is his brother by blood
What reason does Joseph give for everything that has happened to him?
God meant everything to happen to him
Where in Egypt does Israel's family settle? Why?
Goshen, because the land is good
What does Jacob make Joseph swear about where he should be buried?
that he will be buried with his fathers, not in Egypt!
What does Jacob feel about Joseph's children?
any children born to Joseph are like his own children
Which one of Joseph's sons is blessed over the other?
Ephraim is over Manasseh
What blessing does Jacob give to Judah?
praised, victorious, rule forever, many expensive possesion, good trade
How do Josephs brothers try to manipulate him after their father dies?
They said that their father left them directions saying: "forgive your brothers for all the wrongs the did to you"
When Joseph is about to die, to what does he make the sons of Israel swear an oath?
The oath God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob