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Sociology Chapter 11

From James henslin's textbook: Sociology a down to earth approach.
Sociologically, why is gender especially significant?
it is a master status cutting across all aspects of life.
What is the unequal access to power, prestige, and property based on a person's sex called?
Gender stratification
Which of the following is a primary sex characteristic?
A uterus in women
Based on the accident that led to the sex change of a seven-month identical twin and the vietnam Veteran's study, which statement is MOST accurate regarding the effects of nature and nurture on behavior?
Human behavior is the result of nature and nurture working together.
Felix tends goats in Peru, while his wife, Maria takes care of the family crops. John is a nurse in France and his wife, Sonia is a midwife. Based on cross-cultural studies, whose work would be givedn more prestige in their respective societies?
Felix and John's
Why do sociologists classigy females as a minority group?
women are discriminated against because of their physical characteristics.
The first "wave" of the women's movement had a radical branch and a conservative branch. What was the goal of the radical branch?
Reforming all the intitutions of society.
The majority of students graduating with a degree in library science are women. Research has shown that this sex-typing of majors is primarily due to:
Gender tracking
Research appears to support the idea that men who have higher levels of testostrone tend to be more aggressive. What is an alternative explanation to the testosterone thesis to explain aggressive behavior in men?
The social class to which that men belongs
Of the following choices, the doctorate conferred with the greates percentage of women recipients is______ while the doctorate with the greatest percentage to men is ______
psychology; engineering
In 1890, the ratio of women in the work force was___. Today the ration of women in the work force is ________.
1:5 ; 1:2
What is gender discrimination against women who miss out on work experience while they care for children at home called?
The child penalty
Based on the same levels of academic achievement, where does the greatest pay gap exist between men and women over their lifetime?
Among college graduates
What is the philosophy that biology is not destiny, especially in regard to justifying gender stratification?
Which of the following statements BEST describes how feminists view sexual harassment?
It is based on the structural probelms imbeded in society.
What has the Supreme Court ruled as it pertains to the treatment of homosexuals in the workplace an sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment laws apply to homosexuals who are harassed by heterosexuals or other homosexuals on the job.
Bothe the FBI and NCVS collect data on the incidence of rape. Which statement best summarizes the relationship between the results obtained by the FBI compared to those obtained by NCVS?
The NCVS data suggests the incidence of rape is about three times greater than that reported by the FBI.
What group of men do women fear the most as potential rapists?
Which statement best summarizes the relationship between killers and their victims?
Men outnumber women as both victims and killers.
What are the two careers most associated with being successful in politics, both of which are under represented by women?
Law and buisness.