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Main purpose was to raise revenue to pay off debt from French and Indian War by regulating trade
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Under this act if one was accused of smuggling he would be tried in an admiralty courtSugar ActJohn Adams represented the British soldiers involved in this eventBoston MassacreThis act added land to Canada 1) protect colonies from Indian Attack 2) to keep the colonies from being able to expandQuebec ActThis act was a direct tax for the first time and effected he people who led public opinionStamp ActThese acts took away the power of self governingIntolerable ActsLeader of stamp act rebellion and said "no taxation without representation"James OtisWhat are 2 ironies involved in the Boston Massacre?Crispus Atucks (1 of 8 people killed; black man) John Adams defends British soldiersWhat four things did the first continental congress do?Called for boycott, colonial militia, 2nd meeting in the spring, and olive branch petition to the kingLexington and Concord Really weren't "battles", trying to capture patriots, 700 British and 70 patriotsLexington and Concord1st battlebunker hillArtillery placed on heightsSiege of BostonMoral boosting victoriesTrenton and PrincetonPatriots spent a year there and lost 1/4 of their troopsValley ForgeTurning PointSaratogaCaptured by CornwallisCharlestonCornwallis' surrenderYorktownWhat caused the British to end the war?English people put pressure on government to end the warWhat the terms of the Treaty of Paris 1783?What the terms of the Treaty of Paris 1783? 1. America is recognized as independent 2. Boundaries set stretching America from Atlantic to the Mississippi River and Canada to the border of Florida 3. British agree to leave forts in the Ohio River Valley and we agree to protect loyalist colonists