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A listing of subsections that have instructional notes is not included in the surgical section guidlines


Before you can assign an unlisted code, you must first be certain there is no more specific code and that there is not a category________ code available

III (three)

Unlisted procedure code for Musculoskeletal system, general


Unlisted procedure code for Inner ear


Unlisted procedure code for Skin, mucous membranes, and subcutaneous tissue


Unlisted procedure code for Leg or Ankle


Unlisted procedure code for Nervous system


Unlisted procedure code for Eyelids`


Special report

when using an unlisted procedure code to report a surdical service, a special report describing the procedure must accompany the claim.

Pertinent Information (in the special report)

should include adequate definiton or description of the NATURE,EXTENT, AND NEED for the procedure, and the TIME,EFFORT, AND EQUIPTMENT necessary to provide the service

___________destruction is a part of surgical procedure and different methods of destruction are not ordinarily


Care of the condition for which a diagnostic procedure was performed or of other____________conditions is not included and may be listed separately


There are "notes" in Burns,__________Treatment Subsection


The Only code in the operating microscope subsection is _________


follow-up care for therapuetic surgical procedures includes only that care which is usually part of the ____________


According to the parenthetical information that follows code 10022: The 4 codes for radiological supervision and interpretation are

76942, 77002, 77012,and 77021

According to the parenthetical information that follows code 10022: for evalation of fine needle aspirate, see

88172, 88173

what is the largest section of the cpt manual


Does Medicare reimburse for a surgical tray


The subsections in the surgery section are usuallly divided according to ______________________

Medical speciality, body systems, anatomical site

Information within parentheses is referred to as _______ expressin or phrase


When time, effort, and services are bundled together, they form a __________ package


__________anesthesia is defined as local infiltration, metacarpal/digital block, or topical anesthesia


Code____________is a cpt code that can be assigned to report a surgical tray


Code____is a HCPCS code that can be assigned to report a surgical tray


Code__________ reports a postoperative follow-up visit that is included in the global services


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