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The vertical groove located medially on the superior lip.


A classification given to a nose which is short and broad and has the minimum of projection.


A nose which is turned up at the end.

Sides of Nose

Lateral walls of the nose.

Wings of the Nose

Lateral lobes of the nose.

Horseshoe Curve

Roughly U-shaped with the front being narrower than the sweep of the curve.


A hole or slight wound resulting from piercing.


A secretion from inflamed tissues; usually an opaque, creamy colored matter.


A small elevation of the skin with an inflamed base, containing pus.


A four-sided figure having four right angles.

Root of the Nose

The apex (top) of the pyramidal mass of the nose which lies directly inferior to the forehead; the concave dip inferior to the forehead (profile view).


A substance (usually liquid) capable of, or used in, dissolving something.


The extremity of anything which tapers; e.g., the tip of the nose . . . the termination of the forward projection of the nose.

Tissue Builder

Any substance used to elevate sunken (emaciated) tissues to normal level either by hypodermic injection as a liquid modifier incorporated with the embalming fluid and injected arterially.


Perpendicular to the plane of the horizon, balanced.

Worm Suture

A method of sewing an incision along the edges without entering the opening whereby the suture becomes invisible and the line of suture becomes depressed, which lends it ease of concealment by waxing.


Sheet-cotton, gauze, or other material used in dressing wounds or wrapping a structure.


A pad of gauze or absorbent cotton saturated with water or a chemical placed under or upon tissues in order to preserve, bleach, dry, constrict tissues or reduce swelling.


Dermis; the skin, especially the corium, or true skin.


Rendered thoroughly dry; exhausted or moisture.


Variation from the common or established.


A substance thinned or reduced in concentration and thereby lessened in brilliance.


Disjoining of bones.


Act of cutting apart.


To expand or swell.


State of being twisted or pushed out of natural shape or position.


Applied or administered beneath the skin.


The reaction of the tissues to injurious agents, usually characterized by heat, redness, swelling, and pain.


To introduce forcibly.


Constructing a form with a pliable material such as was or clay.

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