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A crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevations.

Mandibular Sulcus

The furrow beneath of jawline which rises vertically on the cheek.


An elongated depression in a relatively level plane or surface.

Angulus Oris Eminence

The small, convex prominence, lateral to the end of the line of lip closure of the mouth.

Angulus Oris Sulcus

The groove at each end of the line of closure of the mouth.

Nasolabial Fold

The eminence of the cheek and adjacent to the mouth; extending from the superior part of the posterior margin of the wing of the nose to the side of the mouth.

Nasal Sulcus

The angular area between the posterior margin of the wing of the nose and the nasolabial fold.

Nasolabial Sulcus

The furrow originating at the superior border of the wing of the nose and extending to the side of the mouth.

Naso-Orbital Fossa

Depression superior to the medial portion of the superior palpebrae.


Shallow depressions located on the cheek or chin; rounded or vertical.

Incisive Fossa

The area between the mental eminence and the inferior incisor teeth.

Natural Facial Markings

Those that are present from birth; hereditary.

Submental Sulcus

The junction of the base of the chin and the submandibular area, which may appear as a furrow.


Situated as a depression; concave.

Oblique Palpebral Sulcus

The shallow, curving groove below the medial corner of the eyelids.

Inferior Palpebral Sulcus

The furrow of the inferior border of the inferior eyelid.

Optic Facial Sulci

Crow's feet; the furrows radiating from the lateral corner of the eye.

Buccal Depressions

The shallow concavities of the cheeks, natural on some persons which extend obliquely downward from below either the medial or lateral margins of the cheekbones.

Interciliary Sulci

The vertical or transverse furrows between the eyebrows.

Superior Palpebral Sulcus

The furrow of the superior border of the upper eyelid.

Superior Palpebral Sulcus

The furrow of the superior border of the upper eyelid.

Bucco-Facial Sulcus

The vertical furrow of the cheek.

Orbital Pouch

Bags under the eyes; the fullness between the inferior palpebrae and the oblique palpebrae sulcus.

Facial Markings

The "character" line, wrinkles, grooves, cords, and dimples of the face and neck.


The vertical groove located medially on the superior lip.

Labial Sulci

The vertical furrows of the lip extending from within the mucous membranes into the integumentary lips.


An elongated prominence adjoining a surface.

Labiomental Sulcus

The junction of the inferior lip and the chin, which may appear as a furrow.

Platysmal Sulci

The transverse, dipping furrow of the neck.

Linear Sulci

Eyelid furrows which are short and broken, which run horizontally on the palpebrae themselves and may fan from both the medial and lateral corners of the eyes.


A depression; concave recess.

Zygomatic Arch Depression

One of the lesser concavities of the face located on the lateral portion of the cheek inferior to the zygomatic arch.

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