18 terms

Cole Vocab #21

Allowing light vibrations to pass through in only one direction.
The production of magnetism by electricity.
Convex Mirror
A mirror that curves out on the shiny side.
Concave Mirror
A mirror that curves out on the shiny side.
A cut piece of glass (or plastic) with two opposite sides in the shape of a triangle or other geometric shape.
The part of a sound wave where molecules are spread apart.
Law of Reflection
The angle between an incoming light ray and a surface equals the angle between the reflected light ray and the surface.
Completely blocking light from passing through it.
A band of colors produced when light goes through a prism.
Primary Pigment
Magenta, Cyan, or Yellow. Materials with any of these colors absorb one primary color of light and reflect the other two.
Light Ray
A straight-line beam of light that travels outward from its source.
Convex Lens
A lens that is thicker at the middle than at the edges. As it curves outward, it brings light together, making images appear larger.
Letting all light through.
A device that produces a thin stream of light of a single wavelength.
Letting only some light through so that objects on the other side appear blurry.
Primary Colors
Red, Green, or Blue. Mixing light of these colors can produce all the colors of the spectrum.
Concave Lens
A lens that is thicker at the edges than at the middle. As it curves inward, it spreads light rays apart, making images appear smaller.
Electromagnetic Spectrum
All the wavelengths of visible and invisible light in order, from short (gamma rays) to long (radio).