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  1. Ecstatic
  2. Exasperated
  3. Bastion
  4. Prominent
  5. Opalescent
  1. a delighted; showing or feeling great pleasure or delight
  2. b irritated greatly; to make someone very angry or frustrated
  3. c showing or possessing shimmering milky colors
  4. d standing out so as to be seen easily
  5. e fortification; anything strongly fortified; a safe place, safe haven

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  1. red
  2. relating to, affecting, or accepted by the whole world; relating to the universe or everything
  3. secretly; done in a stealthy manner; clandestine
  4. Anything huge such as a whale; large beast or sea monster
  5. swaying or rocking as if about to fall; wobble

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  1. Crisisred


  2. Compelledforced to do something; to make something happen by force


  3. Spectaclesdone without premeditation; unplanned


  4. Audibleleaves of plants


  5. Clamorred


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