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2008 Presidential Election Mr. Lickteig Team 9 Fort Riley Middle School

absentee ballot

a ballot used for voting at home before the election instead of at your polling place


a form you mark when you vote to indicate your choices

general election

the FALL election where anyone can vote for any canidate

primary election

the EARLY election where different political parties pick their canidates


not tied to any political party or point of view


a form proposing a new law and requesting VOTER SIGNATURES

political party

a group that shares the same views about government and works together to win elections

polling place

where you vote


to mark a ballot picking who or what you vote for


being directly linked or allied with a particular political party or view


someone who holds office or is running for re-election


someone who is running for political office


wanting to maintain existing views, do not want change


political view based on progress, changing views


tending to vote in the middle


an untruthful ORAL statement about someone that harms their reputation


an untruthful WRITTEN statement about someone that harms their reputation


a set of messages aimed to influence people's views on issues, events, people, or products


techniques used by advertisers to persuade consumers

politcal platform

the beliefs of a political party


PROVEN information, backed up with real data


a PERSONAL VIEW of an issue or subject


number of electoral votes KS is worth

senators and representatives

to find the electoral value of a state, you add these two things together


the Republican nominee for the 2008 election


the Democrat nominee for the 2008 election

Washington DC

the total number of senators and representatives is 535, but you add 3 for this area


the total number of electors available


the "magic number", the number of electors needed to win the election

politcal parties

Democrat, Republican and Independents

political views

liberal, conservative, and moderate


winner of the 2008 election

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