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  1. Why has Egeus brought his daughter and 2 suitors to Theseus?
  2. Why do they tell Helena what they plan to do?
  3. What does Oberon send Puck to find?
  4. Why does Nick Bottom want to play all the parts?
  5. What are Oberon's plans for Titania?
  1. a The flower
  2. b so she can have Demetrius for herself.
  3. c To fall in love with something horrible
  4. d Because he thinks he is perfect and wants the audience to love him
  5. e to convince Demetrius

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  1. the Woods
  2. because nobody is in love with who there supposed to be in love with
  3. very close
  4. either kill her nun or marry Demetrius
  5. she thinks he's lying

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  1. Who else is meeting in this same woods at the same time in Act 1, Scene 2?give them the potion


  2. Why does Oberon want Titania to wake and fall in love with some vile thing?So he can get the kid


  3. What do Lysander and Hermia plan to do about this semmingly impossible situation?fix their love


  4. How have Oberon and Titania been involved in the past with Theseus and Hippolyta, and why have they come to Athens?So he can get the kid


  5. Why does Puck anoint Lysander's eyes?The flower