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  1. subject is weighed on land and then weighed again in water, requires bulky, expensive, non-portable equipment, not practical for all people
  2. physiological drive
  3. after a meal satisfaction, inhibits eating until the next meal
  4. estimates of total bosy fatness are determined by measuring the tickness of a fold of skin on the back of the arm, below the shoulder blade, and other places with a skin caliper
  5. the bodys generation of heat

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  1. waist/hip ratiofeeling of satisfaction


  2. waist circumferencepractical measurement of abdominal fat


  3. components of energy expenditurebasal metabolism(60-65%), physical activity accounts for voluntary movement of skeletal muscles and support systems, thermic effect of food accounts for energy needed to process food


  4. benign obesity( gynoid obesity)central/ intra-abdominal fat stored deep in abdomin and around the organs, apple shaped, upper body obesity, incresed risk of CVD, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and joint injury


  5. satiationafter a meal satisfaction, inhibits eating until the next meal