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  1. after a meal satisfaction, inhibits eating until the next meal
  2. physiological drive
  3. basal metabolism(60-65%), physical activity accounts for voluntary movement of skeletal muscles and support systems, thermic effect of food accounts for energy needed to process food
  4. feeling of satisfaction
  5. method of estimating total body fat using low-intensity electrical current

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  1. basal metabolic rate(BMR)rate at which body spends energy for involuntary activities


  2. waist circumferencepractical measurement of abdominal fat


  3. benign obesity( gynoid obesity)central/ intra-abdominal fat stored deep in abdomin and around the organs, apple shaped, upper body obesity, incresed risk of CVD, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and joint injury


  4. hydrodensitometryafter a meal satisfaction, inhibits eating until the next meal


  5. appetiteintegrated response to sight, smell, thought or taste if food that initiates or delays eating response