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To avoid infections important steps that must not be overlooked during pedicure procedures are:

Cleaning and disinfecting

A metal file that is designated to file in one direction is a:

Nail rasp

A small scooper shaped implement used to remove debris in nail folds and cuticle area is a:


A chemical that should never be added to the foothbath with the clients feet is a:


At a minimum, the disinfecting of foot spas should be performed

After every service and at the end of the day

When performing a pedicure, do not push back the:


Dry skin and calluses should be gently removed from the ball and heel of the foot using a:

foot filer

A disposable supply provided to clients to avoid smudging toenail polish after pedicure are:

Pedicure slippers (toe separators)

Spa manucures should include a relaxing massage and some form of:


Massage cannot be performed on clients who have:

HBP, Heart conditions, or has had a stroke

The manicure type with a dramatic white free edge is a:

French polish application

Nail cosmetics and creams should be removed from containers using a:

Metal or plastic Spatula

Small pieces of cotton used to remove nail polish are called:


Nail hardeners that are useful for thin, weak nail plates and that should never be applied to hard, rigid, or brittle nail plates contain:

formal dehyde hardeners

A colorless polish layer applied to the natural nail to improve adhesion of polish is a:

Base Coat

Which type of nail polish remover is recommended when removing nail polish from wrap types enhancements?

Non acetone

The chamois buffer is used to smooth out wavy ridges on the nail and add:


The tissue that is pushed back and loosened with the spoon end of a metal implement is the:


A manicuring implement not designed on an additional client is a:

wooden pusher

The nail professional's chair should be selected for durability, comfort, ergonomics and easy:


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