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Unit III test, 10/28


This man dislikes the National Bank, and destroys it; thought it favored the elite and was unconstitutional; wanted cheap money in the West to help Westerners to buy land (bank wasn't lending enough); banks were foreclosing on Westerners

Nicholas Biddle

Jackson hated this man, who was the President of the National Bank, because he thought that he was supporting his opponents

Henry Clay

He passes a bill for the rechartering of the third National bank, but Jackson vetoes it


In the Election of 1832, Henry Clay runs for this party


In the Election of 1832, Andrew Jackson runs again for this party

Martin Van Buren

He is selected VP for Jackson


This is the #1 issue during the election

Anti-Masonic Party

This third party who runs for Presidency felt that the secret Mason society had too much political power

Pet Banks

The way Jackson destroyed the bank: withdrew money from the National Bank and deposited much of it in state banks owned by his friends


By 1834, does land speculation increase or decrease?

Whig Party

A new political party against Jackson (key figures: Calhoun, Clay, Biddle)


Who wins Presidency in the Election of 1832; Republicans vs Democrats vs Anti-Masonic Party vs Whig Party

specie circular

Document that requires hard cash (gold, silver) for land purchases, hurts the economy

Martin Van Buren

He runs for the Democrats in the Election of 1836


Running against Van Buren in the Election of 1836 are several members of which party?

Panic of 1837

Economic depression caused by: overspeculation (specie circular), England's economic recession (trade), overspending by states, failed banks

Independent Treasury System

Van Buren comes up with this system: anytime the government sells land, they will put the money in the Independent Treasury

Martin Van Buren

Who ran for the Democrats in the Election of 1840?

William Henry Harrison

Who is the war hero nominated by the Whig party for the Election of 1840?

John Tyler

Harrison's VP (1840)

Liberty Party

A new party against slavery, nominated Birney to run in the Election of 1840

Circus tactics

The tactic used by the Whig party, focused on campaigning


How many months into the Presidency did Harrison get to before dying?

Preemption Law

Tyler takes over Presidency in 1840, and comes up with this law that gave priority to the squatters in the West for buying land that goes up for sale

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