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What was the main purpose of town meetings in the New Colonies?

Take care of town government

What was the main reason that the Puritans started the Massachusetts Colony?

To live according to their religious beliefs

What does the word expel mean?

To force someone to leave a place

For which economic reason did most people first settle in the Connecticut River valley?

To have fertile land to farm

Which 3 places did the triangular trade routes connect?

England, the English colonies & Africa

In what way did the new England Colonies have representative governments?

The colonist elected their own leaders to public office.

Who led the Puritans from England to Massachusetts Bay in 1630?

John Winthrop

Why did whalers start going on longer whaling trips?

They had caught most of the whales close to shore.

What was the major issue that caused King Philip's War?

Colonist and Indians disagreed about ownership of the land.

Who was the leader of the Wampanoag Indians who called for an all-out war against the colonist in New England?


Who led the followers to an island near Providence after being expelled from Massachusetts Colony for sedition?

Anne Hutchinson

Who founded the settlement of Hartford, which became part of the Connecticut Colony?

Thomas Hooker

Who lead the second group of Puritans o New England and was an early leader of Massachusetts Colony?

John Winthrop

Who founded the settlement of Providence, which because a part of Rhode Island Colony?

Roger Williams




a park like area at the center of town


all the businesses that make one kind of product

naval stores-

products used to build and repair ships


products brought into a country

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