Old Testament Ch. 4

Ten Commandments
Central to the book of Exodus
Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
The three books of the Pentateuch that record how Israel was to keep the covenant. Many of the laws in these three books address situations that the Israelites would not experience until long after their period of wandering in the desert.
Law of Moses, Mosaic Law, The Law
The whole collection of laws from Exodus through Deuteronomy.
Israel's Worship
The Book of Leviticus can be thought of as a hand book of instructions for this.
Community Worship
Central in the Israelites' lives because it expressed who they were and it bound them together as one family.
Book of Leviticus
Includes teachings on how to live out eh meaning of the Israelites' worship in their relationships.
Tribe of Levi
Priests in Israel's tribe
Signified by an animal's blood in a sacrificial ritual
Yon Kipper
The Day of Atonement that is celebrated by Jews as the holiest day of the year.
When Jews began to be sent to live in foreign lands away from Jerusalem and their Temple, but continued to celebrate Yon Kipper.
Book of Leviticus
Much of the language Christians have used to describe how Jesus Christ redeemed the world comes from this book.
Leviticus reminds us that this is more important that prayers and rituals.
Love for God
The essence of true worship, is shown in love for one's neighbor.
Holiness Code
In Leviticus, it is a collection of teachings that show how true worship is expressed in a person's everyday life.
Every fifty years, debts are canceled and those who have lost property are given an opportunity to redeem it.
Book of Numbers
Gets its title from the census mentioned in the first part of the book.
"In the Wilderness"
Original title of Numbers, describes Israel's wandering in the wilderness on the way to Canaan.
Aaron and Miriam
Challenge Moses' authority.
Jealousy, rebellion, greed
Book contains many stories about these.
Assumed to be punishment from God.
Caleb and Joshua
Trusted in God and live to see the land of Canaan, along with the offspring of the first generation.
Moses and Aaron
Did not show forth God's holiness in how they treated the people, and they were punished by the Him telling them that they would die without entering Canaan.
King of Moab
Asked Balaam the soothsayer to tell him what to do, but his words were an oracle of a blessing for Israel.
Came from Jacob that represents the Israelites.
Book of Deuteronomy
the writer uses a different device to tell the story of Israel's liberation, Covenant with Yahweh, and wanderings in the desert
Book of Deuteronomy is divided into three of these frameworks
Promised Land, which the Israelites reach the brink of in the Book of Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy Law
Moses reacconunts the giving of a somewhat different version of the 10 commandments than in the Exodus account.
Second Law
Greek word for Deuteronomy
Those who composed the book of Deuteronomy, who were part of Josiah's reform movement and wrote many of the historical books of the Bible.
Inevitable, because of the people's continuing hard-heartedness
prayer that has been called the essence of Judaism.
two small, square leather boxes in which verses of the Shema are kept and which are worm by Jews on their heads and arms,
scroll inscribed with verses of the Shema that many Jews fasten to their doorposts.
would have recited the shema daily, quoted the book of Deuteronomy about the love of God, added to the command from Leviticus about love of neighbor, and used verses from Deuteronomy to respond to the devil's temptation in the desert
became the Israelites' new leader as they became poised to enter Canaan.