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Exam 2

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Which is the best referral that the nurse can suggest to a patient who has been newly diagnosed with diabetes?

Health care provider office

Pharmaceutical representative

American Diabetes Association

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association can provide national and regional support and resources to patients with diabetes and their families. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not focus on diabetes. The patient's health care provider's office is not the best resource for diabetes information and support. A pharmaceutical representative is not an appropriate resource for diabetes information and support.
Which nursing action can the home health nurse delegate to a home health aide who is making daily visits to a patient with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes?

Inspect the extremities for evidence of poor circulation.

Evaluate the patient's use of a home blood glucose monitor.

Assist the patient's spouse in choosing appropriate dietary items.

Assist the patient with washing the feet and applying moisturizing lotion.
Assist the patient with washing the feet and applying moisturizing lotion.

Assisting with personal hygiene is included in the role of home health aides. Assisting with dietary choices, evaluating the effectiveness of teaching, and performing assessments are complex actions that should be implemented by licensed nurses.
A patient who received insulin glargine subcutaneously 30 minutes ago is now cool, clammy, and anxious. The patient states "Something is wrong with me." The blood glucose level is 54. What action by the nurse is should be taken?

Administer IV insulin

Administer IV dextrose

Administer IM glucagon

Administer a carbohydrate replacement
Administer a carbohydrate replacement

The patient is awake and alert, so administration of a carbohydrate replacement is indicated. IV insulin would further decrease the blood glucose. Dextrose IV and IM glucagon are not indicated in the patient who is awake, alert, and able to take in oral carbohydrate replacement.
Patient who is receiving dialysis

The patient receiving dialysis has kidney failure, which poses a high risk for lactic acidosis. The patient is taking metformin for hyperglycemia; while lactic acidosis is a side effect of metformin, hyperglycemia alone does not increase the risk for acidosis. Patients taking oral contraceptives are typically at risk for deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism. Patients taking warfarin are at risk for bleeding and potential hypoglycemia when taking a sulfonylurea drug with warfarin.