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16 terms

Mr R's Physical Science Chapter 13

electric chage
the build of charges
electric force
that attraction or repulsion due to electric charge
electrical field
the region around a charged object
electical potential energy
potential energy of a charged object dur to its possition in an electrical field
a device that is a source of electrical currnt
the rate at which electic charges move through a conductor
the ratio of the voltage across a conductor to the current it carries
materials that resist the flow of electric
electric circuit
an electrical device that is connected so that electical charge can move in a complete path
schematic diagram
a graphic representation of an electiceal circuit
in an electical circuit that allow only 1 path for the electrical charges
in an electical circuit that allows more than 1 path for the electrical charges
electrical energy
energy associated with electrical charges
the SI unit that measures power
an electrical device that limits the amount of current that go through a circuit
circuit breaker
an electrical device that protects a circuit from current overlad