Psychology Practice Test 1 and 2

An adult is having difficulties adjusting to life after a divorce. Which subfield of psychology would be the best option to help him develop resources to cope?
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The Strange Situation is a technique for measuring __________.attachmentResearch begins with a statement about variables known as a ____________.hypothesisWhich scientific approach would be best if one wanted to document an unusual condition in a person?case studyIf every member of a population has an equal chance of being selected into a sample, it is called _________________.randomIf two variables are negatively correlated, it means that if a score is high on one variable, it will be __________ on the other variable.lowIn a controlled experiment, the control group may get a treatment known as __________.placeboIf neither the subjects nor experimenters working with the subjects know which group they are in (experimental or control), it is called _________.double blindIf we find that rats remember better if given an injection of adrenalin before learning, then the independent variable is __________.adrenalinIf a study finds that IQ scores are influenced by how bright the lights are during the IQ test, then the dependent variable is __________.IQ scoresBefore doing an experiment, psychologists must get ethical approval from IRB