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Aristotelian Tragedy Words

Aristotelian tragedy vocab. words
The cause and effect chain which leads the hero into a path of deserved suffering, realization, and finally undeserved suffering.
The mistake made by the hero that sets off the tragedy.
The hero produces an effect opposite to that which he intended.
The realization or changing from ignorance to knowledge in relation to their situation.
The cleansing of the audience of tragic emotions bringing them to a more balanced proportion.
deus ex machina
Not found in tragedy, is the sudden solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem with help from a higher power.
incentive moment
Beginning of the plot, starts the cause and effect chain and should be found in the tragedy.
The middle, it is the highest moment in the tragedy, which is caused by the incidents before it, and causes the incidents after it.
The end of the tragedy, is caused by the moments before, but does not lead or hint to anything that would happen outside the play.
The cause and effect chain leading from the incentive moment to the climax.