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  1. Artesian Well
  2. Spring
  3. Geyser
  4. Aquifer
  5. Drainage Basin
  1. a Any formation in which groundwater rises on its own
  2. b The land area that condtibutes water to a stream
  3. c Permeabile substances that transmit water
  4. d An intermeiate hot spring that shoots up with great force
  5. e A flow of groundwater that emerges naturally at the Earth's Surface

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  1. A stream with many bends at base level
  2. Ability to release fluids
  3. Accumulation of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake or ocean
  4. The constant movement of water among the oceans, the atmosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere
  5. The sortedmaerial deposited by a stream

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  1. Water TableThe upper limit of the zone of saturation


  2. Stream ChannelThe course that a stream and its water follows


  3. GradientAn intermeiate hot spring that shoots up with great force


  4. Flood PlainThe plain that is overfloode


  5. CavernA naturally formed underground chamber