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  1. Capacity
  2. Zone of Saturation
  3. Delta
  4. Discharge
  5. Groundwater
  1. a Accumulation of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake or ocean
  2. b The area wher water fills all the spaces in rock or sedments
  3. c The maximum amount of sediment a stream can transport
  4. d The water in the zone of saturation
  5. e The quanity of wate in a stream that passes a given point in a period of time

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  1. The part of a stream that carries sediment along the bottom
  2. A flow of groundwater that emerges naturally at the Earth's Surface
  3. A naturally formed underground chamber
  4. A stream that emptes itself into another stream
  5. The course that a stream and its water follows

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  1. Flood PlainWhen the discharge overcoes the capacity and floods the bank


  2. PemeabilityThe percentage of pore spaces


  3. WellAccumulation of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake or ocean


  4. DiuidePermeabile substances that transmit water


  5. Artesian WellAny formation in which groundwater rises on its own