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  1. Drainage Basin
  2. Infiltration
  3. Karst Topography
  4. Capacity
  5. Flood
  1. a The maximum amount of sediment a stream can transport
  2. b The movement of surface water into rock or soil through cracks and pore spaces
  3. c When the discharge overcoes the capacity and floods the bank
  4. d An area that has a land surface with many sinkholes
  5. e The land area that condtibutes water to a stream

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  1. A depression in the earth
  2. Ability to release fluids
  3. The quanity of wate in a stream that passes a given point in a period of time
  4. The area wher water fills all the spaces in rock or sedments
  5. The percentage of pore spaces

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  1. AquiferSeperate the drainage basin


  2. Artesian WellA depression in the earth


  3. SpringSeperate the drainage basin


  4. CavernA naturally formed underground chamber


  5. Base LevelThe part of a stream that carries sediment along the bottom