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  1. Tributary
  2. Well
  3. Discharge
  4. Delta
  5. Artesian Well
  1. a A stream that emptes itself into another stream
  2. b Any formation in which groundwater rises on its own
  3. c The quanity of wate in a stream that passes a given point in a period of time
  4. d A hole bored into the zone of saturation
  5. e Accumulation of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake or ocean

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  1. An area that has a land surface with many sinkholes
  2. The constant movement of water among the oceans, the atmosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere
  3. The percentage of pore spaces
  4. Ability to release fluids
  5. A stream with many bends at base level

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  1. Flood PlainThe plain that is overfloode


  2. SinkholeSeperate the drainage basin


  3. SpringA flow of groundwater that emerges naturally at the Earth's Surface


  4. CapacityThe percentage of pore spaces


  5. CavernA hole bored into the zone of saturation