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  1. Stream Channel
  2. Porosity
  3. Karst Topography
  4. Aquifer
  5. Meander
  1. a The percentage of pore spaces
  2. b An area that has a land surface with many sinkholes
  3. c Permeabile substances that transmit water
  4. d A stream with many bends at base level
  5. e The course that a stream and its water follows

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  1. Seperate the drainage basin
  2. A landform that parallels (a) stream(s)
  3. A depression in the earth
  4. The movement of surface water into rock or soil through cracks and pore spaces
  5. A cycle that plants use to absor and release water into the atmosphere

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  1. PemeabilityThe maximum amount of sediment a stream can transport


  2. FloodA hole bored into the zone of saturation


  3. GeyserAn intermeiate hot spring that shoots up with great force


  4. Bed LoadWhen the discharge overcoes the capacity and floods the bank


  5. GroundwaterA stream with many bends at base level


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