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the measurement of a flat surface (L x W)


the measurement of the amount of space taken up by something with three dimensions (L x W x H)

displaced volume

the amount of liquid that is moved from one place to another


the material a container holds which helps balance the container


to be completely below the surface / can be anywhere from the top to the bottom (use totally or partially to describe the position)


how tightly packed the material in a substance is


the measure of the amount of material that something is made up of


anywhere below the surface before it is submerged


when two or more things have something in common

x axis

the line running left to right on a graph

y axis

the line running top to bottom on a graph


the average of a set of data


the ability to float


a unit of measurement when using the balance

universal explanation

an answer that works all the time


when you think you know the answer and something different happens

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