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  1. Antihistimine
  2. AIDS
  3. echocardiography
  4. Antigen specific
  5. Live attenuated vaccines
  1. a diluted or weakened
  2. b each one responds to one antigen
  3. c ultrasound of heart
  4. d medication that opposes the action of a histamine
  5. e cluster of disorders caused by HIV that specifically destroys cell-medicated immunity

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  1. einthoven leads
  2. the two lipids in the blood
  3. electrical movement through ventricles
  4. 120/80
  5. test to measure rate in millimeters per hour at which the rbc settle out in the tube

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  1. Carditisinflammation of the heart muscle


  2. ThrombectomyRemoval of a blood clot


  3. ELISAacute pain the the chest resulting form decreased blood supply to heart muscle


  4. HemophiliaHeriditary bleeding disorder


  5. CPT codesDiagnosis codes