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  1. Thymus Gland
  2. Skin test/ Allergy
  3. Pulmonary Circulation
  4. Holter Monitor
  5. Antihistimine
  1. a primary gland of lymphatic system
  2. b Intradermal, scratch, patch
  3. c portable ECG machine
  4. d medication that opposes the action of a histamine
  5. e Circulation of blood from pulmonary artery through the vessels in the lungs

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  1. ECG EKG
  2. Chest leads on ECG
  3. Low blood pressure
  4. Diagnosis codes
  5. and increase in size of the blood vessels, primarily small arteries and arterioles.

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  1. Arteriesfatty paste


  2. Thymus glandsubstance found normally in body in response to injured cells.


  3. Phlebitisinflammation of a vien


  4. Bradycardiaheart rate less than 60


  5. Allergyfatty paste


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