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  1. Acive immunity
  2. Immunity
  3. Cardiac Stress test
  4. Erythrocytete sedimentation rate(ESR)
  5. Aneurysm
  1. a test to measure rate in millimeters per hour at which the rbc settle out in the tube
  2. b type of immunity occurs when the person is exposed to a disease and the disease develops and the body makes antibodies..
  3. c treadmill test to measure the respons of the cardiac muscle to increased demands of oxygen
  4. d Saccular, Fusiform and dissecting are types of
  5. e the ability of the body to identify and resist microorganisms

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  1. Human Immunodefiency Syndrom
  2. test performed to determine the numbers of the molecules in each RBC
  3. A warning sign that a cerbrovascular accident may occur in the future
  4. clot carried in the bloodstream that obstructs when it lodges
  5. 120/80

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  1. LDLharmful lipoprotien.


  2. ArteriogramRadiograph of artery


  3. Kaposi scromacancer arising form the lining of cells of capilarries


  4. CABGCoronary Artery bypass Graft


  5. HDLthe protective lipoprotien.