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  1. cardiac cath
  2. QRS complex
  3. Holter Monitor
  4. Arteriogram
  5. Transient Ischemic Attack
  1. a catheter of heart
  2. b electrical movement through ventricles
  3. c A warning sign that a cerbrovascular accident may occur in the future
  4. d Radiograph of artery
  5. e portable ECG machine

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  1. liquid portion of blood and lymph
  2. change of a myocardial cell
  3. cause wondering baseline, muscle or somatic and alternating current are all classified as
  4. the ability of the body to identify and resist microorganisms
  5. disease transmitted through body fluids, sharing contaminated needles or blood.

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  1. Pulmonary Circulationcirculation of blood throughout the body.


  2. SA nodePacemaker. Electrical impluses charging hearts resting rate.


  3. HCT testBlood clot that forms at injury site


  4. ArteriolesSmallest vessels


  5. Thrombusblood clot