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  1. Myocardium, epicardium and pericardium
  2. Non-specific and specific
  3. Hypertension
  4. Immun/o
  5. plasma
  1. a high blood pressure
  2. b layers of the cardiac muscle
  3. c body defenses
  4. d liquid portion of blood and lymph
  5. e safe

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  1. Smallest blood vessels
  2. cluster of disorders caused by HIV that specifically destroys cell-medicated immunity
  3. A widening bulging of the wall of the heart, the aorta, or and artery....
  4. einthoven leads
  5. protrusion of on eo rboth cusps of the mitral valve back into the left atrium during ventricular contraction

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  1. Bradycardiathe two lipids in the blood


  2. Allergyhypersensitivity


  3. Flow of bloodclear fluid in lymphatic system


  4. HDLthe protective lipoprotien.


  5. ArteriolesProcedure codes