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  1. Splenectomy
  2. Coronary Circulation
  3. Antigen specific
  4. Kaposi scroma
  5. Pulmonary Circulation
  1. a cancer arising form the lining of cells of capilarries
  2. b surgical removal of spleen
  3. c each one responds to one antigen
  4. d Circulation of blood from pulmonary artery through the vessels in the lungs
  5. e Circulation of blood through the coronary blood vessels.

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  1. Low blood pressure
  2. cause wondering baseline, muscle or somatic and alternating current are all classified as
  3. draws lymph from the tissues
  4. circulation of blood throughout the body.
  5. mitral valve

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  1. ELISAsymptom of underlying disorder


  2. LDLcluster of disorders caused by HIV that specifically destroys cell-medicated immunity


  3. vasodilatorresting state of myocardial cell


  4. Myocardium, epicardium and pericardiumlayers of the cardiac muscle


  5. Repolorizationresting state of myocardial cell