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  1. Thrombectomy
  2. Splenectomy
  3. CPT codes
  4. Lymph capillaries
  5. chest radiography
  1. a surgical removal of spleen
  2. b x-ray of heart
  3. c Procedure codes
  4. d draws lymph from the tissues
  5. e Removal of a blood clot

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  1. Enzyme linked immunosorben assay, used to screen blood for antibodies to the AIDS step would be Western Blot to confirm.
  2. inflammation of the heart muscle
  3. an abnormal sound from the heart produced by defects in the chamber
  4. test to determine percentages of red blood cells in blood.
  5. recharging of myocardial cell

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  1. Vessel????Vascular


  2. Acive immunitytype of immunity occuring form the adminsitration of ready made antibodies


  3. HemophiliaHeriditary bleeding disorder


  4. Bipolar leadseinthoven leads


  5. ICD codesDiagnosis codes


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