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  1. apt
  2. certain
  3. amiable
  4. bland
  5. friendly
  1. a not having much flavor
  2. b without any doubt
  3. c having a tendency
  4. d having or showing the kindness and warmth of a friend
  5. e having a friendly and pleasant manner

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  1. to penetrate or divide with or as if with an edged tool
  2. easily heard, seen, noticed, or understood
  3. very small
  4. not respectful
  5. a person hired to perform household or personal services

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  1. oftensomeone having authority over another person or animal or thing


  2. smalllittle in size


  3. seldomnot often


  4. vaguenot clearly expressed


  5. wearyhaving lost strength, energy, or freshness