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  1. small
  2. tasty
  3. certain
  4. kind
  5. tired
  1. a without any doubt
  2. b pleasing to the taste
  3. c needing rest
  4. d wanting or liking to do good and bring happiness to others
  5. e little in size

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  1. not often
  2. easily heard, seen, noticed, or understood
  3. an eager desire to learn and often to learn things that are another's concern
  4. not respectful
  5. having or showing the kindness and warmth of a friend

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  1. suitablebeing fit or right for a use or group


  2. interesta feeling of concern or curiousity about or a desire to be included in something


  3. severhaving lost strength, energy, or freshness


  4. mastersomeone having authority over another person or animal or thing


  5. vaguenot clearly expressed