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  1. What is the significance about the phrase, "Here is What the Lord says"?
  2. Who was Lazarus?
  3. What is the job of the cerebellum?
  4. What is unique about the termite?
  5. What is the percentage of oxygen necesary for human life?
  1. a "Here is what the Lord says" is a phrase used in the old testament over 2000 times
  2. b The cerebellum is the part of the brain associated with voluntary responses
  3. c Lazarus was Jesus friend whom Jesus raised from the dead in John 11:1-44
  4. d No matter what the weather, this insect always keeps it home at 64 degrees
  5. e The earth's atmosphere must always contain 21% oxygen to maintain life.

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  1. This man discovered microscopic eggs where the source of flies in open meat
  2. This man promoted natural selection as the method of evolutionary changes
  3. The gap theory suggests there may have been long periods of time between each creation day
  4. Archaeology is the scientific study of the remains of the past
  5. This method uses the decay rate of radioactive material to date objects

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  1. What is the importance of the ozone?These two organs pass oxygen into every red blood cell carried through their capillaries


  2. What are proteins?Stata refers to a layer of rock thought to have been laid down at the same time


  3. What is the definition of good science?Mimicry is a possible defense mechanism where an animal is desighned to look like something else


  4. What is the revelatory-day theory?The day-age theory suggests each creation day represents a long period of time


  5. In the psalms, what do the heavens declare?The cerebellum is the part of the brain associated with voluntary responses