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  1. What does the theory of continental drift state?
  2. Why is radiometric dating inaccurate?
  3. According to Psalm 24, what belongs to the Lord?
  4. Quote Romans 1:20
  5. Define the hopeful monster theory
  1. a For since the creation of the world God's invisable qualities- his eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has made,so that men are without excuse
  2. b This method of dating objects assumes that you know the specifics about the original material
  3. c The idea that the continental plates can move
  4. d The earth is the Lords and everything in it, the woirld and all who live in it
  5. e the hopful monster theory is an evolutionary theory which states that occasionally an animal births a totally new creature

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  1. The Galapagos islands are the place Darwin noticed the adaptability and variations within animal species
  2. Jesus is the only man to fullfill every old testament prophecy
  3. The cell contains amino acids, lipids, porphyrins, and polynucleotides
  4. No matter what the weather, this insect always keeps it home at 64 degrees
  5. A fossil is the remains and traces of plants and animals that are found in rocks

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  1. What happened with Jesus and wine in john 2:1-44Homid refers to bones paleontologists label as from the line of man


  2. What is the definition of organic matter?Mimicry is a possible defense mechanism where an animal is desighned to look like something else


  3. What is the definition of mimicry?in biology, homologous means similar structures of features of a plant or animal


  4. What is the significance of the discovery of the piltdown man?Piltdown man was a stained human skull and a filed ape jaw, used to support evolution, but was shown to be a hoax


  5. What was copernicus famous forThis polish scientist first promoted the theory that the planets revolve around the sun


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