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  1. What is radiometric dating
  2. Why is skin important?
  3. What was copernicus famous for
  4. How does a penguin care for its young?
  5. Who was Charels Darwin?
  1. a This polish scientist first promoted the theory that the planets revolve around the sun
  2. b The skin is an organ helps regulate body temperature and is a disease barrier
  3. c The penguin has a skin flap to keep an egg warm and perfectly shares the care of its chick with its mate
  4. d This man promoted natural selection as the method of evolutionary changes
  5. e This method uses the decay rate of radioactive material to date objects

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  1. This fast-running African mammal would burn up its brain while running if not for a specially desighned cooling system
  2. The earth's atmosphere must always contain 21% oxygen to maintain life.
  3. This man discovered microscopic eggs where the source of flies in open meat
  4. in biology, homologous means similar structures of features of a plant or animal
  5. Natural selection is the idea that the fitest survive and pass along their traits to their offspring

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  1. What is the definition of good science?The constant search for accurate information


  2. What happened with Jesus and wine in john 2:1-44The cell contains amino acids, lipids, porphyrins, and polynucleotides


  3. What is archaeology?A fossil is the remains and traces of plants and animals that are found in rocks


  4. How does a bat emit sound to find food?This mammal emits sounds up to 20 to 30 times per second to locate flying instects


  5. What are chromosomes?The smallest known living thing; proteins are long chains of amino acids