Psychology Exam: C1&2

which is the most accurate definition of the discipline of psychology
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in the scientific method the final step isreporting resultswhich perspective best explains the bystander effect whereby individuals will be less likely to help someone in need because of the presence of others close bysocial culturewhich psychologist dared to ignore the whole consciousness issue & return to a study of scientific inquiry by focusing on observable behaviorjohn watsonYou are at a basketball game & the arena is packed; the crowd is evenly split between fans of the two teams. At one point, the referee makes a call. Half of the fans yell insults; the other half of the fans shout their approval. The event reminds you of the topic of today's lecture in psychology class. What was the likely topic of the lecturebiaswhich part of the neuron carries messages to other cellsaxonWhen a neuron's resting potential is occurring, the neuron is _______ charged on the inside.negativelyneurotransmitters must pass from an axon terminal to the next dendrite by crossing a fluid-filled spaced called thesynaptic gapwhich of the following neurotransmitters is associated with pain reliefendorphinesIf you touch a hot stove, your spinal cord can prompt you to withdraw your hand without having to send the message all the way to the brain. This is due to what scientists callreflex arcwhat is the process called whereby the structure & function of brain cells change in response to trauma, damage or even learningneuroplasticityThe neurons of the sensory pathway containafferent neuronswhich brain structure allows us to pay attention to certain stimuli while ignoring othersreticular formationwhat part of the brain can sometimes be referred to as the "rind" or outer coveringcortexIn the structure of the neuron, the _______ receives messages from other cells.dendriwhich of the following insulates & protects a neuron axon as well as helps to speed along electric impulsesmyelinwhen a neuron is in the resting potential state the neuron is negatively charged on the ___ & positively charged on the ___inside; outsideheroin mimics the actions of endorphins, inhibiting pain signals & creating a "high". Heroin is an example of a(n)agonistinvoluntary muscles are controlled by the ___ nervous systemautonomicAs you take notes, your heart beats at a normal rate. Your breathing is normal & your stomach slowly digests your earlier meal. What division of the peripheral nervous system is currently in actionparasympatheticwhich gland is known to influence all other glands within the endocrine systempotuitary (master)Maria often sleeps soundly & rarely awakens to any outside noise. However, the cries of Maria's baby can awaken her immediately. What part of the brain is responsible for this reactionreticular formationwhat part of the brain is involved in the creation of memories & is often linked to Alzheimer diseasehippocampussynchronized swimmers work long hours to ensure the movements in their routine are perfectly timed. what part of their brains must they rely most uponcerrebelumjose is recovering from a brain injury. he is able to speak fluently but often uses incorrect words in a sentence. for example, he said "I would like something to drink. can I have some batter"wernicke aphasiaa negative correlation means thathigh values of one variable are associated with lows value of the otherT/F to change peoples behavior toward members of ethnic minority groups, we must first change their attitudesfalseT/F "the study of the mind" is the best brief definition of psychology todayfalseT/F the more you memorize by rote (poem) the better you will become at memorizingfalseT/F the amygdala is the brain structure responsible for fear response & memory of feartrueT/F all-or-none refers to the fact that a neuron either fires completely or does not fire at alltruedetermining the favorite food of adolescentssurveydetermining whether a person is introverted or extrovertedpsychological testdetermining if frustration causes aggressionexperimentdetermining if the level of education is associated with crimecorrelationdetermining how teenagers behave on their first datenaturalistic observationdetermining why a housewife gave up a flourishing careercase historythe control groupno phonethe experimental grouphas phonethe independent variabletextingthe dependent variabletime taken to get through coursehow was random assignment doneparticipants are randomly assigned to groupscan you name an extraneous (cofounding) variableexperience in drivingwhat kind of scientific method was usedexperimentwhat is maria's hypothesisthe group who were texting will take longer to complete the driving course than those who do not have a phone