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  1. primary reinforcer
  2. continuous reinforcement
  3. latent learning
  4. conditioned reinforcer
  5. unconditioned response pavlov dog example:
  1. a learning that occurs but is not apparent until there is an incentive to demonstrate it
  2. b stimulus that gains its reinforcing power through its association with a primary reinforcer
  3. c salvation in response to food
  4. d innately reinforcing stimulus such as one that satisfies a biological need
  5. e reinforcing the desired response every time it occurs

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  1. mental representation of the layout of one's environment
  2. Tone before Food
  3. one learns to link two or more stimuli and anticipate events
  4. reinforce part of the time
  5. learning that certain events occur together

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  1. positive reinforcementincrease behavior by presenting positive stimuli


  2. prosocial behviorpositive constructive helpful behavior. The opposite of antisocial behavior


  3. unconditioned responselearned response to a previously neutral stimulus


  4. unconditioned stimulus pavlov dog example:food in the mouth


  5. discriminationtendency once a response has been conditioned, for stimuli similar to the conditioned stimulus to elicit a similar response