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What is the source of most of the carbon in their hair?
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What are the three main commercial uses of corn, as described by the documentary?The three main commercial uses of corn are ethanol, sweeteners, and fed to animals which will then become meatAs beef cattle are grown, they pass through three separate facilities. Explain what happens at each stage.1) Cattle brought to where they are raised. 2) Locked up, so they can't move which means they eat and gain weight faster. 3) They're killed and bought by companies where the meat is processed.What are the side-effects with the health of the cattle as a result of the finishing diet? How are these symptoms managed?The side-effects with the health of the cattle as a result of the finishing diet (corn) are ulcers, and they get sick. These symptoms are managed by low doses of antibiotics. (70% of antibiotics made are used for livestock)How is the energy content of grain-fed beef different than traditional grass-fed beef? How do the costs compare?The energy content of grain fed beef differs from traditional grass fed beef in that it's higher in energy and cheaper in cost.Describe the basic process used by Ian and Curtis to produce their own corn syrup.they soak the corn in 140 degrees F water for 16 hours, add sulfuric acid, add sugar, blend corn, and then boil it.Why has high fructose corn syrup become so widely used as a sweetener in the US?because corn is very cheap so processors save moneyWhat are two main health problems that are linked to the increased use of high fructose corn syrup?Obesity and higher risk of type 2 diabetesList all of the components of a McDonald's meal that are linked to corn in some way.hamburgers, bread, soda, french fries, pretty much everything