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  1. The resistance to the reinfection of a disease
  2. WBCs that distinguish between the different pathogens and make antibodies (T and B cells)
  3. The 4 ways pathogens are spread (Be able to list all four!)
  4. He used carbolic acid to disinfect (clean) in his surgeries
  5. THIRD line of defense
  6. A disease that can pass from one person to another

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  1. B cellsWBCs that recognize and attack pathogens


  2. Individual cellsPathogens make you sick by damaging ___


  3. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protistsExamples of pathogens (Be able to list all four!)


  4. Inflammatory ResponseTHIRD line of defense


  5. AntibodiesChemicals made by the WBCs that destroy specific pathogens