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O=Origin I=Insertion A=Action NS=Nerve Supply


O-Zygomatic arch & zygomatic bone
I-Angle &ramus of mandible
A-Prime mover of jaw closure; elevates mandible
NS-Trigeminal Nerve (Cranial V)


O-Temporal Fossa
I-Coronoid process of mandible
A-Closes jaw; elevates& retracts mandible
NS-Trigeminal Nerve

Medial Pterygoid

O-Medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone, maxilla and palatine bone
I-Medial surface of mandible near its angle
A- Acts with the lateral pterygoid muscle to protract mandible and promote side-to-side side movements (Grinding)
NS-Trigeminal Nerve

Lateral Pterygoid

O-Greater wing & lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone
I-Condyle of mandible and capsule of tempomandibular joint
A-Provides forward sliding and side-to-side grinding movements of the lower teeth
NS-Trigeminal Nerve


O-internal surface mandible near symphysis
I-inferior aspect of the tongue and body of hyoid bone
A-Protracts tongue
NS-Hypoglossal Nerve
(One of the muscles that promotes tongue movements)


O-Body and greater horn of hyoid bone
I- Inferolateral tongue
A-Depresses tongue
NS-Hypoglossal Nerve
(One of the muscles that promotes tongue movements)


O-Styloid process of temporal bone
I- Inferolateral tongue
A- Retracts (and elevates) tongue
NS- Hypoglossal Nerve
(One of the muscles that promotes tongue movements

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