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Mrs. Tonnies' 5th Grade

Kinetic energy can also be called _________.


The faster particles move, the more _________ the matter has.

thermal energy

Heat is ________________________.

the transfer of thermal energy between objects with different temperatures.

Thermal energy travels from a _____________ object to a ____________ object.

1) warmer
2) cooler


Temperature is the measurement of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in a substance.

What is a SYSTEM?

A group of separate elements that work together to accomplish something.

How is temperature related to heat?

Temperature is the measurement of heat.


The transfer of heat from one object directly to another.


The transfer of heat through the movement of a gas or a liquid.


The transfer of energy by means of waves that move through matter and space.

When does REFLECTION occur?

Reflection occurs when heat or light bounces off an object.

What are the three (3) ways in which thermal energy can be transferred?

1) conduction
2) convection
3) radiation

What is an INSULATOR?

An INSULATOR is anything that slows the movement of thermal energy.

What is a CONDUCTOR?

A CONDUCTOR is anything that allows thermal energy to move through it easily.

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