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These are created to help those getting ready to take their PGA Level 1 test. Enjoy!

PGA of America

Founded in 1916

PGA Constitution

Five articles define the PGA Constitution and can be changed by the delegates at the annual meeting.

Article I

Name and Purpose

Article II


Article III


Article IV


Article V

PGA Tour


They outline the general philosophies, practices, and procedures agreed upon by the Association~Printed in REGULAR TYPE


They describe the Bylaws, they explain, in more detail the meaning of each Bylaw~Printed in ITALIC TYPE


Chairman of the Board
Presides at all meetings
Spokesman for the Association

Vice President

Handles ALL financial matters for the Association


Handles ALL membership matters for the Association
Is also Chairperson of the Board of Control

National Officers

Elected at Annual Meeting by majority vote
2 year terms
Once elected Secretary eventually moves up to President after 4 years

Board of Directors

Comprised of:
National Officers(Pres. Vice. and Sec)
Honorary Pres. (Previous Pres)
District Directors(one every section) 14 total
Player Director for PGA Tour
Independent Directors~2 total

21 members make up the Board of Directors

Board of Directios(B.O.D.)

3 officers
1 Honorary Pres.
1 PGA Tour Rep
14 District Directors
2 Independent Directors

PGA recognized Golf Facility

At least 9 holes; hole minimum of 60 yards long
1000 yards for 9 holes
1500 yards for 18 holes
14 acres in total course area(EXCLUDING: clubhouse, golf shop and parking area)

PGA recognized Golf Range

Minimum 15 tees
150 ft of teeing area
600 ft of depth for teeing area
One parking spot per tee
PGA Professional MUST be available for instruction

Head Professional (A-1)

The ownership and operation of a golf shop at a PGA recognized faciltiy.
The Supervision and direction of the golf shop and supervision of teaching.

Assistant Professional (A-8;B-8 apprentice)

Spends at least 50% of the time working on club repair, tournament operations, staff scheduling, merchandising, club repair, handicapping records, bookkeeping, and golf car operations.

Director of Golf

Directs the total golf operation of a PGA recognized golf facility; including the pro shop, golf range, golf car operations and supervision of the Head Professional

Director of Instruction

Individual who is in managing, supervising, and directing the total teaching program at a recognized PGA facility.

Code of Ethics~6 Violaitions

1) Abusing the privileges extended to them, including playing without an invitation
2) Causing public embarrassment to fellow professional
3) Applying for or otherwise seeking or soliciting employment in an unprofessional manner
4) Conduction themselves in such a manner as to adversely impact the reputation of other members or the association
5) Conduction business in an unethical manner
6) Engaging in any conduct that is contray to or inconsistent with the policies of the Assoc.

Unprofessional Manner

1) providing false or misleading information
2) Making slanderous remarks
3) Attempting to persuade the staff to undermine the reputation of the Resident Golf Professional
4) Falsifying or tampering with the business records of the Resident Golf Prefessional

Procedures for Ethics Violations

Initial charges for Code of Ethics violations must be initiated by one of two bodies
1) Section Officers 2) Assoc. B.O.D.

If accused you have 30 days to repond to the notification

Types of Penalties

1) Monetary Fines up to $1000
2) Lose of playing privileges in Section and National events
3) Suspension or Expulsion from PGA

Head Professional


Head Professional at a Golf Range


Director of Golf


Assistant Professional


Director of Instruction


Board of Control

Consists of Five members
National Secretary is Chairperson
Representative from 4 gepgraphical locations
1) Northeast 2) Southeast
3) Midwest 4) West

Board of Control

Must not be a member of the B.O.D and must either be a past national officer or past sectional officer

Board of Control

Board meets quaterly
Reviews ALL "membership" matters`

PGA Apprentice Requirements

-Have a high school diploma or equivalent
-Be eligibly employeed(At least 6 mos)
-Pay all required fees
-Be endorsed by member
-Pass PAT(Playing Ability Test)

Becoming a PGA Section

50 PGA Professional within a 140 mile radius

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