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10 terms

Quechua Set 10

Yachayman sunqum kani.
I love to learn.
Hamuy nispam kamachisunki.
He (has) requested that you come.
Manam ruraymanpunichu.
There's no way I could do that.
Aswan alli kayhina ruranki.
You should do it like this.
Kamayniytam chaskini.
I've received my share.
Alli kayta munaspapas, manataqmi allichu kani.
Even though I want to be good, I'm not good.
Wuynus diyas.
Good morning.
Wuynas tardis.
Good afternoon
Wuynas nuchis.
Good evening.
Qusquta riyta munani.
I want to go to Cuzco.