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polygenic traits
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How many chromosomes do humans have?46How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have?23Why are karyotypes important?it's an easy way to see if a child has a genetic disorderNondisjunctionWhen chromosomes don't separate properly during meiosisnormal karyotype44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomesHow will you know if it is a karyotype of a biological male?XYHow will you know if it is a karyotype is a biological female?XXGenotypethe alleles of a gene (the letters)Phenotypethe physical trait you seeWhat is an allele?Different forms of a genedominant allelethe trait is more powerful than all othersrecessive alleleit is overpowered by the dominant traitWhat does homozygous mean?both alleles are the sameWhat does heterozygous mean?two different allelespolygenic inheritancemany genes affect one phenotype. many different phenotypes are possibleWhat is a sex chromosome?a chromosome involved with determining the sex of an organism ( x or y )What is an autosomeAny chromosome that is not a sex chromosomeWhere do the two alleles come from?From their parentsA circle on a pedigree represents a ...femaleA square on a pedigree represents a ...maleA line between a male and a female on a pedigree represents...that they had children togetherIndividuals connected by a line above them on a pedigree represents .....that they are siblingAlbinism is arecessive trait that results in individuals with pale skin and eyes.Example of a heterozygous genotypeHhExample of a homozygous dominant genotypeRRExample of a homozygous recessive genotypeaaExamples of phenotypes of hair colorblack, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde,